15 Minute Story : The Ice Dragon

Silence was his world. Silence and darkness. Until something reached out to him on the darkness. A sound, faint but rhythmic, stabbed into the shadow of his slumber. As his spirit awoke, rising out of the depths, the sound grew louder. As one great azure eye struggled open, he realized it was a waterfall roaring past the entrance to the cave. Breathe, something within him commanded. His nostril twitched, his great sides heaved, and a blast of cold air knifed into his lungs. The oxygen seared through his body, spiking into his brain, the cells firing to life. Breath, the voice said. Again, his sides heaved. More fire. More electricity racing through his body. Muscles twitched. Nerves connected. His eyes fully opened, blinking against the sudden onslaught of crystalline light. His feet flexed, claws gritting against the rock floor.

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